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Prairie Barns Construction builds quality Post Frame buildings and Steel Frame Buildings in North Dakota and Montana. These buildings are used in the agriculture, Equine, Oil and gas, and Aviation industries.

The owner of prairie barns construction began his journey in the woodworking and construction business as a young boy. Growing up in a small town amish community in western pennsylvania, learning about the importance of honesty and hardwork. His father taught him at a young age to work with his hands, shaping the wood to fit together perfectly in his small woodworking shop. The values of honesty, good frienships, and putting the needs of others in front of there own, were taught in those mant days of working long hrs. And it is there commitment to there customers to offer the same values on a daily basis. 

So whether you need a basic post frame, or steel frame building for machine storage, or a complex, turn key build, rest assured that you will be treated as friend and neighbor. Offering services for. Airplane hangars, Cattle, equestrian, machine storage, hay storage, sheep barns, calving barns, training barns, veterinarian barns, riding arenas, roping arenas. 

Fast and efficient!

It is important for us to build quickly. while continuing to uphold the standard of workmanship needed.

​ Over the years we have developed a system to build faster, and more efficiently.  ​

This helps us!  ​

Keep our costs lower

Move-in and out quicker

Less disruption for you 

Barn Construction

Our founder grew up in a small Amish town in Western Pennsylvania, where he learned his carpentry skills while working in his father’s workshop. The hours were long, but they shaped his values of honesty, friendship, and putting others first.

He brought those values west in 2013, when he founded Prairie Barns Construction, based out of Beach, North Dakota. We’re very proud and fortunate to call our hundreds of satisfied customers family today.

Whether you need a post frame building or steel frame building, we specialize in turning your vision into a reality. But we need to hear your ideas first, so please schedule a free consult call  with us today.