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Quality Post Frame and Steel Frame Construction

Prairie Barns Construction builds quality Post Frame and steel frame buildings in North Dakota and Montana.

From our humble beginnings in Western Pennsylvania, where we were raised in a simpler lifestyle. We continue to bring the tradition of quality construction, taught us by our forefathers.


Superior Quality Buildings

Prairie Barns Construction has been building the highest quality Post Frame and pre-engineered steel building structures  in North Dakota and Montana since 2013. 

Over the years, we’ve designed and constructed hundreds of buildings to match our customers’ specific needs, such as:

• Cattle barns (dairy cow barns, beef cow barns)

• Equestrian barns (horse barns)

• Tractor and equipment storage (tractor barns, tractor sheds)

• Workshops or garages

• Hay barns (hay storage)

• Sheep barns (sheep shed)

• Calving barns (calving shed)

• Training barns (for stables and equine centers)

• Veterinarian barnsRiding arenas

• Riding arenas

• Roping arenas 

• Barndominiums

Superior Quality Pole Barns

You’ll hear this phrase when talking to most other pole barn contractors, but what exactly does that mean?

Well, at Prairie Barns Construction, we do things a little differently than the other pole barn builders out there.

• Truss spacing – We install our trusses on a maximum of 4’ centers. Many other builders will opt for 8’ spacing, to lower construction costs. During the winter as snow accumulates, the increased truss spacing means fewer structural components to carry the additional load. 

• Sub-purlins – when stood vertically, the sub-purlin provides a 1 ½” wide nailing flange to attach the two edges of the adjoining sheeting material. We lay our sub-purlins on their side to provide either a 4 or 6” wide nailing flange for the sheeting. The result is stronger seams and less potential for leaks.

• Galvanized ring-shank nails – are made from stiffer steel than smooth-shank nails. They provide superior holding power since the nail threads lock into the wood fibers to minimize backing-out.  We use ring shank galvanized nails to fasten all of our framing members together.  We also use structural timber screws at key attachment points such as the header plates.

We use manufacture approved screws with rubber washers to fasten steel wall and roof panels.

These building standards, combined with our attention to detail and our strong work-ethic has resulted in hundreds of pole barns that will stand the test of time, and nature.

If you’d like to learn more about our superior quality pole barns, you can schedule a free consult call right here.


Value added

We’re ready to help you increase productivity, protect  against weather, and enhance your operation.


Our customer-centric design process ensures your vison becomes a reality.


Experience superior quality with a focus on safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Every Quote Starts with a Blueprint!

The foundation of every successful pole barn is clear communication between the customer and the builder during every phase of the construction process, from design to the final walkthrough. That’s why we offer a complimentary consult and design meeting for every project.